The 9th IAAS Olympic

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This year IAAS LC IPB succesfully held an annual event called IAAS Olympic on September 10th and September 30th – October 1st 2017, we present The 9th IAAS Olympic as a platform for youth to observe, create and apply the solutions for agricultural problems, with the main theme Youth Movement to Reach Global Prosperity Through Climate Action for Food Sovereignty based on Sustainable Development Goals Number 2 and 13. Through The 9th IAAS Olympic, we do hope for the youth all over the world as the agent of change to bring a good impact for our world through the climate action, since climate may affect the quality of food and good way to process food from the production until the consumption gives an impact to stability of ecology in order to prevent the significant change of climate. to implement our goals, we classified it into 3 events: IAAS on Action (IOA), IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture (IDEA), and International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA).


Day 1 : 1st Day of IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture (IDEA) & International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA)

On September 30th 2017 The 9th IAAS Olympic started with the first day of IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture (IDEA) & International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA). IDEA 2017 comes with the theme Strategy for Improving Food Production Based on Eco-Friendly Methods . IDEA was held at RK H101, RK H102a, RK H102b, RK H103, and RK B at Bogor Agricultural University. The 12 high school participants of IDEA came from several parts of Indonesia. All the participants have done the three times Pre-Elimination sessions. They discussed and shared ideas about SDGs 2 and SDGs 13. From day one came up four Senior High School who advance go to semifinal, they are SMA Regina Pacis Bogor, SMAN 1 Denpasar, SMA CMBBS, and  SMAN 1 Bogor.

Aside from IDEA, there were also 28 participants of IYSCA essay competition that came from several countries in the world. IYSCA 2017 brings the theme Creative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture to Ensure Food Sovereignty. IYSCA was held at RK IKK at Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University. Participants have completed two session, essay presentation and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). In essay presentation, all participants came forward to explain their ideas written on essays. On FGD session, participants were divided into small groups to discuss problems related to palm oil processing. After they finished their discussion, some of the group presented the FGD result. Group A of IYSCA FGD, represented by Syuga Euginia Invicta came up as the best group on Focus Group Discussion.


Day 2 : International Seminar of International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA) & 2nd Day of IAAS Debating Competition on Environment and Agriculture (IDEA)

On October 1st 2017 at Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium of Bogor Agricultural University, International Seminar of IYSCA was held successfully. International Seminar of IYSCA 2017 brought topic “Correlation between Climate Change and Human Behavior Also Its Impact to Food Availability and The Stability of Ecology”. All participants of IYSCA Essay, IDEA, International Students on Bogor Agricultural University, representative from students community, representative from other IAAS Local Committees, and students from different institution were gathered to #ThinkAgriculture and discussed about the correlation between climate change and human behavior also its impact to food availability and the stability of ecology.

On first session, we invited the best speaker on their area to share their thoughts about our topic. The speakers are Mrs. Yunita Sidauruk (Group Director Government Affairs of Cargill Tropical Palm), Mr. Redi Fajar Kurniawan (Regulatory Affairs Lead of Monsanto Indonesia), Mr. Satya Tripathi (Executive Secretary of Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility and Senior Adviser of UN Environment), and Mr. Wirastanto (Head of Marketing, Crop Protection Division of PT BASF Indonesia).

After first session finished, we continued to second session. The second session was talked about youth. We invited speaker from ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), Mr. Fikhriansyah, to share about youth movement. At the end of youth session, Mardiana as representative from Project Departement of IAAS LC IPB delivered material about youth’s role and as an example of youth’s movement, we introduced our VCP product, Mutello. We gave Mutello to each participant, so all the participant got to taste Mutello.

While IYSCA International Seminar was running, there was IDEA semifinal at SPSrd room. From the semifinal, SMA Regina Pacis and SMAN 1 Denpasar advanced to final. Finally after the final round, SMA Regina Pacis Bogor came up as the champion of IDEA 2017.

At the end of the International Seminar of IYSCA 2017, we announced IYSCA 2017 winner. Best essay of Science and Technology topic is given to Darren Tanaka and followed by Rr. Ike Rachmania Swanten as the runner up. Best essay of Social and Humanities topic is given to Citra Atrina Sari and followed by Mahtuf Ikhsan as the runner up. From the FGD session, there was Group A as the best group on Focus Group Discussion. Last but not least, we also announced the winner of IDEA 2017, SMA Regina Pacis as the champion and SMAN 1 Denpasar as the runner up. And also, there were Elgard Mario Wiandika as the best speaker and Kayla Christie as the best reply speaker.

In the afternoon, the IYSCA participants and some of International Students of Bogor Agricutural University continued their activity by excursion to Jungle Fest Bogor. They had fun by playing some of the games and rides. After that, they went back to Wisma BKM to got some rest before the went home the next day.

Finally, all of the events of The 9th IAAS Olympic was successfully held. Hopefully, The 9th IAAS Olympic can be one from another ways to help agricultural problems, zero hunger, and climate action. See you at The 10th IAAS Olympic!

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