A Day with WWF’s Mobile Panda

On Saturday, 1st October 2016, Project Department of IAAS LC IPB collaboration with World Widelife Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia had succesfully done one of program named “Save Environment and Make Movement with Agri-Ranger” with the theme Menumbuhkan Rasa Cinta Siswa Sekolah Dasar terhadap Lingkungan melalui Permainan Edukatif.  The purpose of this activity was to introducing Agri-Ranger as a role model in protecting the environment and agriculture of the students. This activity was held in Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) from 08.00 am until 12.30 pm involving  all of students SDN 02 Caranpulang which totaled 85 students. Beside that 24 members and 10 candidate members of  IAAS LC IPB had participated in this activity.

This activity was devided into two sections. The first section was IAAS’s section and the second section was WWF’s section. In IAAS’s section the students were classified into twelve groups and played post to post. There were four post in IAAS’s section like, awas bahaya, match it, save me, and komuni kata. In WWF’s section there were some activity with WWF’s crew like story telling, watching video, and  playing games.

Overall this activity was so fun. The crew of WWF Indonesia, members and candidate members of IAAS LC IPB played together with students and enjoyed the activity. We closed this activity by giving gifts to the students who had contribute and won the games. There were some thing that had to be evaluated in this activity such as the preparation and publication. We hope this activity can foster a sense of love of students to environment and agriculture, in order to become the next generation that have a high awareness of the environment and agriculture. We hope this acivity can be better for the next. See you in the next Project Department’s activity!






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