Project Department has just held its agenda of Agriranger twice for this year, 29th of April and 13rd of May 2017. Agriranger is sustainable activity that aims to educate children. The activity started at 8 am until 12 pm. This event was held in SDN Carangpulang 2, located in Cikarawang village.

First agenda was introducing ourselves and approaching the children by memorable activies. The members of IAAS invited them to play games such as kuda bisik, tebak kata, petak jongkok and others traditional games. The last activity was making clay. IAAS members teught them how to make clay from glue, wheat flour, and food coloring. After that, the children made creation shape as they want from that clay.

In the second agenda, IAAS members tried to stimulate the children’s creativity by the activities. IAAS members led the children to make mozaik, make origami , and play ecofunopoly. Before the activity started, there were icebreaking games and screening short movie about social, environment, and education.

The children was very enthusiastic to follow the activities of Agriranger. They wished to meet IAAS members again some time to play and study together.




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