Agriranger : The Graduation










Project Department of IAAS LC IPB just held an event named Agriranger. Agriranger is an annual event which is held for several times in a year. Agriranger is a social event project which aims to educate children in SDN 02 Carang Pulang, Bogor. Saturday, Oct 7th 2017, was the last event of Agriranger in one term, Graduation Agriranger. The event was started at 8 a.m until 11 a.m.

The event was conducted by 100 participants included the children , volunteer, and the main committee. We educated the children to finish their food by having breakfast together. We told them to appreciate the farmers. We gave pin to the children who have finished their food as a reward. So that, we could motivate them to finish their food. Quotes to encourage them is written in the pin, such as: “appreciate the farmer”, “Do not litter”. In that session, the volunteers and committees also did snap food as an online campaign to promote zero waste.

They also made a game and ice breaking for the children to engage their creativity. The children were very enthusiastic to join the ice breaking and games. In ice breaking, we taught them to sing a song and dance, the name of the song was ” makan ayam “. The song was telling an invitation to finish their food.

The last session was giving souvenirs and books to the school. Although this graduation marked the last activity of agriranger, We do hope for a sustainable relationship between IAAS LC IPB and SDN 02 Carangpulang. We also hope the sharing ideas that we did will help the children to grow and become successful human beings. IAAS LC IPB will continue to contribute to the betterment of society through our social project in the future.

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