Alumni Gathering 2016 – Color Up Your World!

Saturday, 30th April 2016, the External Department of IAAS LC IPB had successfully done one of our programs named Alumni Gathering 2016 with the theme “Color Up Your World”. This activity held at Sparks Hotel – Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No.42, Taman Sari, West Jakarta from 05.00 pm until 10.00 pm.

The participants of the event consists of 45 active members and 7 alumni of IAAS LC IPB. The event began with participants gathered in front of ATM center to set off together to the place. All participants arrived at Sparks Hotel around 5 pm. After reaching the hotel, participants are doing registration at the table regist to fill the data and take the lottery for seats. Completed registration they are advised to get photobooth to take pictures for documentation purposes. Then they were directed to get into the restaurant to eat dinner first. After that the alumni gathering continued with the opening event which was opened by MC, then opening performed by Allen Sianjaya as our project ofiicer. He thank the participants of alumni gatherings which already provides their time to come to this event and he hope they enjoy this event. After that there are reports from our lcd ka Ayida about IAAS, and she said that the event aims to establish a good connection between all iop.

Then the event continued with a first talk show with M. Sobich Maimun, former LCD from IOP 17, Aldith Natakusuma, 53rd World Congress 2010 Treasurer from IOP 17 and moderated by DindaSaraswati, former LCD from IOP 20. In this session they talk about their experiences at the IAAS, how they are to handle the time between lectures and IAAS. After doing a talk show the event continue with the selection of best costume whose won by Zulfikar and Varissa. Both of them are from IOP 23. Then the event continue to focus group discussion, they have been divided into groups according to the color they choose when they register. Here they can ask about anything to alumni and share stories that can add their knowledge. Then there are session two with Devi Novi Astuti From IOP 13, Aero Widiarta from IOP 15, SabillaPutri Dian from IOP 15, Ahsan Sitohang from IOP 14and moderated by Levina from IOP 21. Here they talked about after campus life, how they got the job, how to survive in a firm and tips and trick how to start a business. After the second talk show we also held a sharing with Prof. Firdaus from IOP 2, He said that he had provided time from Jogja to directly attend to the alumni gathering then once the event is over he went straight to the airport again to go to Madagascar,Africa. He also share his experience as a lecturer in ipb, he also recalled how he had the experience to be a candidate interviewer LPDP scholars. After that it was followed by the closing ceremony, the event was closed by MC and also held a photo session with all participants and confetti release as a sign of the end of the Aumni Gathering 2016 events.

We hope, Alumni gathering in 2016 could make the active members getting to know each other, and get to know alumni IAAS. See you in the next ALUMNI GATHERING!

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