Bogor, First Destination City of The 59th IAAS World Congress


IAAS World Congress is the largest annual internal event of IAAS World. In 2016, Indonesia received the honor to become the host country of the 59th IAAS World Congress with “Plant Your Future” as its theme. The 59th IAAS World Congress first destination was Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) on July 23rd 2016 until July 30th 2016. After Bogor, the delegates will continue their trip to Bandung (UNPAD), Semarang (UNDIP), Yogyakarta (UGM) and Malang (UB). The series of event that will be held for one week in IPB includes Opening Ceremony, General Assembly, Farm and Organization Visit, Excursion and City Tours and the International Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA).



The 59th IAAS World Congress delegates in front of Rectorate Building, Andi Hakim Nasoetion.

Opening Ceremony was held on Saturday, July 23rd 2016 in Auditorium Common Class Room (CCR), IPB Dramaga Campus. This event was attended by 69 participants from 39 countries consist of IAAS World Congress delegates as well as international students that take course in IPB. Opening Ceremony began with a flag parade and inaugurated by representative of IPB chairman, Dr. Ir. Anas Miftah Fauzi, M. Eng as Vice Chairman of Research and Cooperation IPB. The event continued with Studium Generale which was presented by two speakers, namely representative of Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ir. Noer Adi Wardojo, M.Sc (Head of Standardization Environment and Forestry) with the topic “Achieving Sustainable Food Consumption and Production” and Prof. Dr. Ir. Made Astawan, MS (Chairman of the Forum Tempe Indonesa) with the topic “Tempe as Indonesian Local Food which Applied Sustainable Food Consumption and Production.” Furthermore, the delegates toured around IPB Drama Campus using electric cars and followed by a photo session in front of the Rectorate Building, Andi Hakim Nasution.

Welcoming Dinner in Bogor City Hall with Mayor of Bogor

From left to right: Li Heng (IAAS China), Kang Bima (Mayor of Bogor) and Josipa Arapović (President of IAAS World 2015) after symbolic welcome in Bogor City Hall

In the evening, the delegates were specifically invited by the Mayor of Bogor, Dr. H. Bima Arya in Welcoming Dinner at Bogor City Hall. Bogor Mayor permitted all audiences to taste the unique culinary of Bogor such as Soto Mie and Toge Goreng. He also explained Bogor City profiles that include history, culture and culinary of Bogor and also one of the outstanding achievements of Bogor this year as the Most Lovable City in the World to set aside 40 cities from 14 countries, organized by WWF. The event continued with a symbolic welcome by embedded pins of Kujang on the delegates’ suits. The event ended with a photo session with “We Love Bogor” pose.



Excursion & City Tour - Workshop Anggrek (Kultur Jaringan)

Orchid Workshop

Excursion and city tour was held on the second day of the 59th IAAS World Congress in Bogor. This event includes excursion to Bogor Botanical Garden and shop and dine in Botani Square. The delegates of IAAS World Congress participated in workshops about application of tissue culture on orchid breeding by an explanation from the representative of Laboratorium Kultur Jaringan (Tissue Culture Lab) of Bogor Botanical Garden, Mrs. Rahayu Eka Della Marta, M.Si. She explained the profile of tropical plants, especially orchids, cultivation process for orchid and non-orchid, orchid propagation process, the results of laboratory research and acclimatization for orchids. The delegates were given the opportunity to perform tissue culture and acclimatization for orchids. They also invited to go around and relax at Bogor Botanical Garden. The delegates were treated by beautiful view with unique tropic plants located around them. The event was followed by games that give cohesiveness and tighten the bonds between the delegates.



General Assembly - Suasana kegiatan GA 1

General Assembly I

Then on July 25-26 and July 29, General Assembly I, II & III were held at the Auditorium Nasution Abdul Muis, Faculty of Agricultural Technology IPB. General Assembly is an internal activity regarding country membership in IAAS World, insight of IAAS World Congress 2017 by IAAS Mexico, Exchange Program IAAS, management IAAS period from 2016 to 2017, and hopes and ideas for IAAS 2020.



IYSCA - Suasana Sesi Talkshow

Inside Auditorium Andi Hakim Nasution during IYSCA

On July 27, IAAS IPB held the International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA). IYSCA is a scientific paper competition for students aged 18-30 years as a platform to discuss and share their ideas towards the significance of the agricultural and related sciences interaction. With “Creative Agriculture” as the main theme, IYSCA 2016 had three sub-themes: “Creative Applied Agriculture”, “Creative Agribusiness”, and “Creative Agricultural Education and Social Project.” The symposium was held at Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium, IPB Dramaga, Bogor. The selected papers will be registered and published in ISSN online. The participants also received merchandise, proceeding, free meal, seminar kit, and internationally recognized certificate by joining this event. The reward for the competition are $150 USD rewards for the best paper and $100 USD for best presenter of each sub-theme.

The event started at 08.30 AM with welcoming speech from Prof. Dr. Ir. C. Hanny Wijaya, M.Agr as advisor of IAAS LC IPB, Mrs. Ida Manik as representative of Bogor district, Mr. Usmar Hariman as the Vice Mayor of Bogor, and Dr. Ibnul Qayyim as Secretary of the University. Next agenda was music performance from Akar Bambu, a band who shares moral values in their music. They presented 3 songs that represent the earth, civil society, and heaven.

The event continued with talkshows in accordance with IYSCA sub-themes. The first talkshow was about “Creative Applied Agriculture” with Lucie Wassink – Counsellor for Agriculture at Netherlands Embassy and Thom Wright – Agricultural Attaché at USDA as the speakers. The second talkshow was about “Creative Agribusiness” with Dean Merrilees – Minister Counsellor of Agriculture of Australia and Muhammad Suprapto – Operation Director of JAVARA Indigenous Indonesia. The last talkshow was about “Creative Agricultural Education and Social Project” with Sarah Hessel – Programme Officer of IFAD in the Asia and Pacific Division and Bruce Blakeman – Vice President for Corporate Affairs of Cargill Asia Pacific.

Aside from talkshow, there was also mini expo at the basement of Andi Hakim Nasution Auditorium as an exhibition place for product and innovation from IPB students. The expo participants include Ecofunopoly, Ecodoe, Bite Back and Agrisocio. After the break, the event continued to presentations of IYSCA paper competition. There were 19 groups who apply; 9 groups for “Creative Applied Agriculture”, 6 groups for “Creative Agribusiness”, and 4 groups for “Creative Agricultural Education and Social Project.” The judges are Gatot Widodo, S.Pd, M.Pd (Sub-theme 1) and Ir. Melani A. Sunito, M.Sc (Sub-themes 2 and 3). Both of them are IPB lecturers.

The event continued to IYSCA Gala Dinner at Thoyib Auditorium on 7 PM. Keefe Gazali as WOCO IPB Project Officer and Prof. Dr. Ir. Yonny Koesmaryono, MS as IPB Rector Representative did the opening speech for it. The Gala Dinner was livened up by art performance from Agria Swara, Gentra Kaheman, SWU Dance, traditional costume fashion show, magic trick show, and singing performance from the delegates.

The Gala Dinner was closed by IYSCA awarding. The winner for Best Presenter are Hanum Aprilia (Creative Applied Agriculture), Masayoshi Yamada (Creative Agribusiness), and M. Harris Zamaluddin (Creative Agricultural Education and Social Project sub-theme). The winner for Best Paper are Imma Culata Titis Winiati, Pristy Suciadi, and Sheila Lestari (Creative Applied Agriculture); Juli Purnomo, Suwarto, and Mohammad Harisudin (Creative Agribusiness); and Ai Nurlaelasari R., Iis Sa’diyah, Adinda A., and Agri Triya (Creative Agricultural Education and Social Project).



Farm & Organization Visit - Sabisa Farm (2)

Sabisa Farm

On July 28th 2016, the WOCO delegates did Industrial Visit (I-Visit) to Sabisa Farm and the ASEAN Secretariat. First, they visited Sabisa Farm, dragon fruit farm that is located in Sindang Barang. Delegates were welcomed by Mrs. Iis and received some explanations about Sabisa Farm. After being briefed by Mrs. Iis, the delegates were divided into 6 groups. There are 6 posts, three posts were inside and outside around the greenhouse areas and 3 more posts are in the fields of dragon fruit. The delegates were actively asking questions related to greenhouse and dragon fruit. Later during the day, World Congress delegates, organizers and mentors of Sabisa Farm had lunch together.

Farm & Organization Visit - Sekretariat ASEAN

Group Photo in ASEAN Secretariat Office

Next visit, the ASEAN Secretariat is located in South Jakarta. The delegates were welcomed by Mrs. Margareth as Public Relation Staff and Dr. Pham Quang Minh as Assistant Director. Mr. Minh later gave an explanation of the policy of ASEAN economic community (AEC) in Bougenville Conference Room. Not only gave the explanation, Mr. Minh also answers the questions from delegates regarding matters which are discussed. The event followed by a group photo session at the executive lobby ASEAN Secretariat. After a visit to the ASEAN Secretariat, the delegates had free session to shop and dine at Senayan City mall.



Saturday, July 30th 2016 placed in Wisma Amarilis, Bogor Agricultural University, the delegates of IAAS World Congress continued World Congress event from Bogor to Bandung. The departure of the delegates marked the end of series of the 59th IAAS World Congress in Bogor.



As the series of the 59th IAAS World Congress in IPB and International Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA) have ended, we would like to give our gratitude for our sponsors, media partners and various parties that contribute to make this event happens.


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