Carpul Camp X Sportive: BESTFRIEND

Saturday, 23rd April 2016, Project Department and Human Resources Department (HRD) IAAS LC IPB had been collaborated in organizing an activity named Carpul Camp X Sportive with the theme Be sportive, fun, and responsible to environmental damage (Bestfriend). The purpose of this activity was to evaluate our success in sharing the knowledge of agriculture, environment, and english to students and to build sportivity between members of IAAS and students of SDN 02 Carangpulang. This activity was held in the Cangkrang field from 07.00 am until 12.00 am. There were three classes from 3th grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students of SDN 02 Carangpulang and 45 members of IAAS LC IPB that had participated in this activity.
There were three parts of this activity that we had done. First, all of students and members of IAAS did gymnastics together. There were two kinds of gymnastics that we had done, “senam seribu” and “senam penguin”. Second, we played three games, there were compose your puzzle, find your way, and throw your trash. In the first game, students and members of IAAS were classified into different groups. Six groups for members of IAAS and six groups for students. In the second and third game, twelve groups were combined into six group consists of members of IAAS and students.Third, we were back to the school and the students ate their lunch which they brought from home.
Overall this activity was so fun. The student and members of IAAS LC IPB were excited and played the games happily. Unfortunately there were some things that had to be evaluated such as the preparation, coordination between the committee, time management and publication. We hope this activity can give many benefits for students and members of IAAS LC IPB and better for the next activity. See you in the next Carpul Camp X Sportive activity!

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