Exchange Program

What is Expro?

Exchange Program Department  is one of the departments in IAAS that gives opportunity for youth to exchange ideas, develop English skills, and experience an internship program in agricultural institution. For more than 40 years, IAAS offers a great opportunity for students to learn and practice directly in the agricultural sector and related sciences widely, both nationally and internationally, as well as helping students to create an open minded and global thinking.

The purpose of the Exchange Program is to facilitate students to exchange ideas, information and knowledge through field and non-field activities at a particular agency or institution within a specified time. The exchange program is implemented nationally and internationally, between members of IAAS from one country to another.

What are the programs of Expro?

1. IGTE (IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External)

In response to global issues and the actual problems facing society today, especially in agriculture, IAAS LC IPB organizes an annual event known as IGTE (IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External), which involves a group visit to various organizations or institutions (local, national, or international). IGTE will facilitate participants to enhance students networking, knowledge regarding the discussion on certain topics related to the institutions, and aims to train students in increasing their English and problem solving skills, and more importantly the ability to establish diplomatic relations between IAAS and various organizations or institutions.

2. ICC (IAAS Conversation Club)

ICC (IAAS Conversation Club) is an English forum that is held twice a month to discuss various interesting topics that is happening in campus even in international. This forum is free and open for public so all of IPB students can join it. On several occasion, this program can also collaborate with other student organizations.

3. Hosting Place

Not only send the exchange participants, we also host them both from national and international. We help them to apply for internship and also find the accommodation. The program of exchange itself called Expronas (for national level) and Exprointer (for international level). Expronas usually being held on July until September. Some of the hosting places (place to have internship) are Agrisocio, ICBB, RSHP, Cikarawang Village, etc.


This activity is a socialization to public of what Expronas and Exprointer are and how to join it. It also explains about the preparations before departure of participants in the exchange program. The speakers are alumni/member of IAAS who have experience in student exchange programs and also the committee from

5. Exchange Program Seminar (Expose)

This seminar discusses about several programs of student exchanges in IPB that may be held by several bodies. The speakers will be from the authorized people of exchange programs in IPB and also from the alumni to share their exchange experiences. Expose can also contain not only exchange programs but also scholarship program especially international scholarship


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