Exchange Program

What is Expro?
For more than 40 years, IAAS offers a great opportunity for students, it is named Exchange Program (Expro). Expro is an activity that offers the opportunity for students to learn and practice directly in the agricultural sector and related sciences widely, both nationally and internationally, as well as helping students to create an open minded and global thinking.

The purpose of the Exchange Program is to facilitate students to exchange ideas, information and knowledge through field and non-field activities at a particular agency or institution within a specified time. The exchange program is implemented nationally and internationally, between members of IAAS from one country to another.

Expro has two programs, namely CERES and ARCHIMEDES. CERES is an exchange program that is similar to the practice field in general, which provides an opportunity for participants to work on a farm or company with apprentice status (internship). While ARCHIMEDES, not only field work to be done, but participants will get special training in the company or institution or agency in which he/she is placed.

Expro in Indonesia is divided into Expro and Expronas. Expro is a student exchange activity for students with an international scope, while Expronas js a student exchange activity for students with a national scope.

What are the programs of Expro?

1. IGTE (IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External)

In response to global issues and the actual problems facing society today, especially in agriculture, IAAS LC IPB organizes an annual event known as IGTE (IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External), which involves a group visit to various organizations or institutions (local, national, or international). IGTE will facilitate participants to enhance students networking, knowledge regarding the discussion on certain topics related to the institutions, and aims to train students in increasing their English and problem solving skills, and more importantly the ability to establish diplomatic relations between IAAS and various organizations or institutions.

2. ICC (IAAS Conversation Club)

ICC (IAAS Conversation Club) is an English forum that is held twice a month to discuss various interesting topics that is happening in campus even in international. This forum is free and open for public so all of IPB students can join it. ICC is held on Thursday at GKA from 5 pm until 6 pm. This year, Exchange Program department will collaborate with student organizations from each faculty to hold ICC alternately.

3. Hosting Place

Hosting place comes from the word host means the owner and place means the location, which means that we will provide place for the exchange participants, in national and international scale, especially in agriculture sector. This event will be held on August 2016, in some different places such as ADS (Agribusiness Development Station) and ICBB (Indonesia Centre for Biodiversity and Biotechnology). This is one of the biggest event for Exchange Program department, other than IGTE (ICC Goes to External). Besides that, we also do some events for welcoming and farewell our guest from another IAAS member in National or International committee.


This activity is a socialization to the public of what Expronas or International Expro activities are. It also explains more about the preparations before departure of participants in the exchange program and socializes what expro is and what we do during this event. The speakers are alumni/member of IAAS who have experience in student exchange programs. I-Expro is open for public.

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