is one of IAAS Department which manage about networking of IAAS with society. The Programs held in digital design, Social Media and organization relation to another organizations, institutions, and other communities in society.

These are the programs of External :

1. i-FLASH
iFLASH is IAAS monthly Newsletter that contain IAAS activities every month. iFLASH was created to inform every activities of IAAS – LC IPB to IAAS member and alumni, people around IPB and also IAAS partner. iFlash is uploaded in IAAS social media and also printed as pocket magazine.

2. Social Media of IAAS
External department managing all of IAAS – LC IPB social media on internet. Those social media publish our activities and also tell the world what is IAAS and what do we care about. You can reach on twitter as @iaasipb or facebook group of IAAS LC IPB and our website www.iaasipb.org.

3. i-Merch
i-Merch is one of Fundraising ways in IAAS – LC IPB. We made and sold some merchandise and of IAAS to public to increase our fund. iMerch is an useful thing that people use in their life such as agenda book , sweater, name card and tumbler.

4. Alumni Gathering
Alumni Gathering is a program that provide an activity for alumni of IAAS to meet and share with all IAAS members. This year, Alumni Gathering will be held on April, 25th 2015. Alumni Gathering concept are about charity, flash back, job sharing, games, and dinner.

5. i-Class
i-Class is made to increase IAAS member skill in public relation such as design and also public speaking. This year i-Class will be held twice in March, 7th and October, 26th 2014. iClass is open for all member of IAAS LC IPB.

6. i-OH
Every year there is an event to welcoming new student in IPB calles Open House. In this event , external will make a stand to introduce IAAS to all IPB new student. Open House will be held on February 2015 (for the highschoolers) and September 2015 (for the high school graduates)

7. I-graduate
I-Graduate is a program that created to celebrate IAAS Alumni graduation party. We gather and congratulate them in Graha Widya Wisuda , IPB and also give them a souvenir.