Farmer’s Counter offensive to Climate Change

In the time of present, farmers facing a lot of problem to maintain its agricultural products steady and keep the quality high. One of the biggest problems is climate change.

There are many unpredictable rainfall patterns, long dry season, and many more cases of climate change. Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) predict that the beginning of rain season in 78 SZO (Season Zone) will be in October 2018, 147 SZO (Season Zone) will be in November 2018, and 85 SZO (Season Zone) will be in December 2018. It means the dry season is longer than before. The peak of the dry season occurs in August-September, the rainfall ranges between 20 and 0 millimeters per month or absolutely no rain.

General Director of Indonesian Agriculture Minister, Sumarjo Gatot Irianto socialize the farmers to make this dry season as a potential to grow crops more instead of making it as a threat. There are least pest, more sunlight to do photosynthesis, and better food drying process. Grain quality can be better, production cost can be suppressed.”, said Gatot optimize.

Indonesian Agriculture Ministry also encourage the rice planting program not only utilize paddy fields, but also optimize the marsh and ground dry. On dry season, marshes water heights decreasing to 20-30 cm. It can be a sub-optimal field that has an optimal area up to 12,3billion hectares. But, beside that, only 4,5 billion hectares that is utilized for agriculture production.

Ground dry also can be a promising potential to grow gogo rice, a rice variety that can be planted on the dry field. Approximately there are 28,5 billion hectares of the ground dry (including dry field, moor, and unused land) that can be utilized for agricultural products.

Besides utilizing the sub-optimal field, agricultural minister also make sure the paddy field still can be optimized for food commodities. But it is still need to be balanced with water supplies. In dry season, paddy fields production can be anticipated by dam and water reservoir. Good irrigation system also suffices to counter the drought effect.

Adaptation of technology is included to counter the drought effect. Two of them are biopori holes and injection well. Bioporis work by collecting the water when raining and prevent floods by making soil absorbing water faster. Injection well can also be an alternative water reservoir when entering the dry season. Both of these technologies can save the farmers day.

This counteroffensive will work along with better knowledge and socialization among the farmer society, monitoring the field, and maintain integrated farming for sustainable environment.


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