Fieldtrip On Training: Future Agriculture

Saturday, 14th May until 15th May 2016, Science and Technology Department (STD) and Human Resources Department (HRD) collaborated in organizing event called Fieldtrip on Training (FOT) IAAS LC IPB 2016 with theme “Future Agricultural” which focused on Agroindustry. FOT was held at Cisurupan, Garut.

Fieldtrip on Traning started by gathered at meeting point, Korfat (Koridor Fateta). We gathered at 9 PM and wait for the bus till 1 AM. While we were waiting, we spent time by playing Uno Staco, cards, watching movies, and talking to each other. Time flew so fast, till our bus came and we started head to Garut.

We arrived at Garut, May 14th 2016 on 07.00 AM . After we had some breakfast, we went to the training location. Before we go to the location, we had some briefing from Mr. Uus, the owners of Selecta Farm & Dodol Bintang Company. Mr. Uus briefed us about the making process of “Dodol Kentang” and Granola Potato Chips. After briefing, we started look around and trying the process in the factory. First, we went to the Granola Potato Chips factory. Processing of making Granola Potato Chips starts with peeling, slicing, and then the potato soaked in the water that has been mixed with whiting. After that the potato drained and then fried for 10 seconds.

Next activity was learnt how to make “Dodol Kentang”. Beside of “Dodol Kentang” there were dodol jambu and dodol sirsak. We got chance to stir hot dodol in big pan and pack dodol by ourselves. . After that we’re take arest for a minutes, and then off to our next destination, Curug Orok. After Lunch we went down to Curug Orok by bus. We took some pictures and enjoyed the water fall.

After that, we came to our cabin, in the center of Selecta Farm. Our bus parked in front of the Farm, and we went to the cabin by walking together. From our cabin, we can see an amazing view. We took a rest until dinner. After dinner, we came out from the cabin and went out through the field in front of the cabin. In the field, we’ve already prepared a bonfire. We played “werewolf” game and had some ginger milk . Night turns dawn, everyone has going to sleep and be ready for the next day activitiy.

The second day, 15th May 2016. We started our day by doing aerobic. Azwar and Puja from IOP 23 led the aerobic. In the middle of aerobic, some participants got the chance to led the aerobic. After a bit warm up, we had a breakfast to fill our energy for the next activity, Mini Games. Before the mini games started, participants got spilt into two big groups. First group went to byre to learn and try to milking cow. Each of us got chance to try milking cow by our own hands. We have to put a bit balm on our hand first to make milking easier. While first group was milking, second group were busy to bathing sheeps. We used soap, brush, and water to make them clean. After all the group finish, we switched the games. First group went to bathing sheeps and second group to milking cows.

After finished all the games, we got free time to prepare to go home. Before we left, there was Sharing Session with Mr. Uus. In the Sharing Session, we got chance to ask anything to Mr. Uus. He explained how agriculture condition now in Indonesia and ups and downs of his journey as agricultural entrepreneur. The Sharing Session finished, then we gave Mr. Uus placard as a thank for gave us such an opportunity to learn from his company.

Finally, it was time for us to leave Garut and go back to Bogor. We left Garut at 1 PM and arrived at Bogor at 8 PM. It was such a great time to spend together with IAAS members. Hopefully, this fieldtrip will make our bond stronger.

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