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  • International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
    It conducts research that enables more informed and equitable decision making about the use and management of tropical and sub-tropical forest landscapes. We help policy makers and practitioners shape effective policy, improve the management of tropical forests and address the needs and perspectives of people who depend on forests for their livelihoods. The multidisciplinary approach considers the underlying drivers of deforestation and degradation which often lie outside the forestry sector: forces such as agriculture, infrastructure development, trade and investment policies and law enforcement.Address
    Jl. Cifor, Situ Gede
    Sindang Barang, Bogor 16115
    PO Box 161,Bogor 16001,

    Phone : (+62) 251 8625415 or 251 8625417
    Fax: +62 251 -8425712
    Email :


  • Rumah Tempe Indonesia (RTI)
    Tempe is one of the most famous Indonesian local food which is produced from the fermentation of soybean. As the example of hygienic and environmentally friendly soybean production in Indonesia, RTIwas established to increase the quality of tempe production.RTI unfortunately doesn’t give salary for internship program trainee. But you will get so much precious knowledge and new experiences. The internship program is for three weeks – one month.Activities:
    – Making high quality Tempe
    – Learn how to operate food processing machine
    – Learn how to process waste to become gas energy
    – MarketingKnowledge in Bahasa Indonesia is preferred.Address
    Jl. Raya Cilendek No 27, Bogor, Jawa Barat

    Phone : 0251 8327 827
    Email :



  • Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty of Bogor Agricultural UniversityFPIK2    FPIK1Address

    Jl. Rasamala, Kampus IPB Darmaga, Bogor 16680Phone : 0251-8622909, 8622911
    Fax : 0251-8622907
    E-mail :
    Website :

    Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science has 5 departments:

    1. Department of Living Aquatic Resources Management (MSP)

    MSP’s aim is to encompass programs in management of sustainable fisheries, as well as conservation of aquatic ecosystem. The internee will be able to plan, to perform and to evaluate: management and conservation of aquatic ecosystem, and management of fisheries resources. MSP also has Bio Macro Laboratory, Limnology Environmental Laboratory, Hydrobiology Laboratory, Plankton Laboratory, and Productivity and Aquatic Environmental Laboratory.

    Productivity and Aquatic Environmental Laboratory
    Besides as a means of academic and research, this lab has an active role in berperanaktifdalamcommunity development such as provision of laboratory analysis services, provision of equipment water quality sampling, and training institutions. In 2014, it was developed to be a Service Business Unit which implements the appropriate service national and international standards (ISO/IEC 17025:2005). Now,the scope of accreditation Lab cover: Fresh water, waste water, sea water, and solid (soil / sediment / sludge).

    Testing services:
    – Analysis of the quality of waste water
    – Analysis of the quality of water bodies (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.)
    – Analysis of aquatic biota
    – Analysis of the quality of soil, sediment, and sludge
    – Analysis of ambient air quality and emissions

    Jl. LingkarAkademik, Kampus IPB Darmaga,
    Bogor 16680

    Phone: 0251-8622932
    Faximile :0251-8622932
    E-mail :
    Website :

    2. Department of Aquaculture (BDP)

    Developing in the science and application of technology and BDPmanagement practices of environmentally sustainable aquaculture activities including freshwater, brackish water and marine cultures which consists of fish, aquatic plants and other aquatic organisms.Lab. of Production Technology and Management of Aquacultures, Lab. of Genetics and Reproduction of Aquatic Organisms, Lab. of Fish Nutrition, Lab. of Fish Health, Lab. of Aquaculture Environment and a Teaching Farm facility for ornamental and freshwater fish production, Field Station in Darmaga Campus.

    Jl. LingkarAkademik, Kampus IPB Darmaga
    Bogor 16680

    Phone: 0251-8628755
    Faximile : 0251-8622941
    E-mail : bdp-fpik[at]
    Website :

    3. Department of Marine Science and Technology (ITK)

    The development of marine science and technology to understand the marine characteristics, phenomena and physical, chemical, biological and geological processes using remote sensing and marine acoustics to explore marine resources and the environment.Capability to applying marine science and technology in studies on marine characteristics and physical and chemical processes, physical and chemical interactions with marine organisms, numerical model to simulate the dynamics of marine movement and to predict spread of waste and other materials, prediction model to explore marine resources and environment, model of habitat quality improvement; science, technology and art of acoustics and instrumentation, Marine Geographic Information system, instrument design to explore marine resources and environment and provision of consultancy services.

    It has Marine station in Pelabuhan Ratu, Marine laboratory in Ancol, Laboratory Equipment for oceanography, Marine Biology, Inderaja and Marine Geographic Information System, Instrumentation and Acoustics.

    Gedung Marine Center Lantai. 3. FPIK-IPB, Bogor 16680

    Phone 1: 0251- 623644, 623643
    Phone 2: 623645, 420972
    Fax : 0251-623644
    E-mail :
    Website :

    4. Department of Aquatic Products Technology (THP)

    Focusing on science and technology development on processing aquatic biological resources where those resources are unlimited and remained unexplored. The development of science and technology covers applied and advanced technology (including biotechnology) to fulfill global trend and demand.
    The internee eligible for training and field study at various industries that are partners of THP, student exchange and sandwich with various overseas University that are partners of THP. In addition, the Department owns production unit that can be used as entrepreneurship training & development of the department’s members.

    Jl. LingkarAkademik,
    Kampus IPB Darmaga,Bogor 16680

    Phone : 0251-8622915
    Faximile : 0251-8622916
    E-mail :
    Website :

    5. Department of Fisheries Resources Utilization (PSP)

    The development of science and technology of sustainable and environmentally-friendly catch-fisheries, covering fish-catching tools, technology for fishing resources exploitation, fishing vessels and transportation, policy on catch-fisheries, management of catch-fisheries as well as management of fishing ports.

    It has Fishing Laboratory of Fish-Catching Technology, Laboratory of Fish Catching Tools Technology, Fishing Vessel and Navigation, System and Optimization of Fish-Catching.

    Jl. LingkarAkademik, Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680

    Phone: 0251-8622935
    Fax: 0251-8421732
    E-mail: dpspfpikipb[at]
    Website :

  • Agribusiness Development Station

    ADSADS used to known as ICDF, a partnership program between IPB and Taiwan in developing agribusiness in Indonesia.  A partnership who lived is coaching and facilitation from ADS to farmers so that farmers can participate in the supply chain of modern markets and not merely a business partnership between suppliers (farmers) with buyers (ADS). Commodities in ADS are focusing in horticulture like crystal guava, spinach, chili, asparagus and many more. ADS doesn’t give salary for internship program trainee. Student usually take the internship program at least for three weeks.

    – Rice seedings
    – Fertilizer and pestiside making
    – Planting and maintaining
    – Packaging
    – Marketing

  • Indonesian Central of Biodiversity and Biotechnology(ICBB)
    The Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology (ICBB) is a member of World Federation of Culture Collection and Word Data Center for Microorganisms. The center encourages research, conservation, utilization, policy and management of Indonesian biodiversity and biological resources. 

    ICBB is the first non-profit, non-governmental research organization that engaged in the field of laboratory analysis services. The laboratory refers toa reference laboratory government from the Permentan No. 70/Permentan/SR. 140/10/2011. Environmental LaboratoryICBBoperating in the fieldsof microbiologyandchemicalanalysisservices. Wecancarry outthe analysis ofsoil, waterandbiological fertilizers.Indonesia is recognized as a major center in the world for biodiversity. Ecological surveys and preliminary inventories indicate that the country belongs to countries with the highest level of endemism in the world. With almost 10.000 isolates in the ICBB-Culture Collection, it became the largest collection of microorganisms in Indonesia.Address
    Kompleks ICBB
    Cilubang Nagrak No. 62, Kelurahan Situ gede

    Phone : +62-251 8423 005, Fax : 8423 004
    Email :
    Website :

  • Animal Hospital
    IPB Animal Hospital (RSH-IPB) was founded in 2000 and based on the certificate Rector No. 052 / K13.12.1 / KP / 2000 dated 9 May 2000. RSH-IPB is managed by a Management Team Animal Hospital veterinary faculty of Bogor Agricultural Institute. Operationally then inaugurated by Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid on October 11, 2000.
    Support the Veterinary Profession and Education prepares Veterinarian Specialists in conjunction with the provision of health care to the animals as patients, society pet owners.Address
    Jl. Agatis
    Institut Pertanian Bogor – Kampus Dramaga
    Bogor, Jawa Barat 16680, Indonesia.

    Phone/fax    : 0251-8425503
    Website        :

  • Kuntum Nurseries
    Kuntum Nurseries is a small farm. a mixed use complex of F&B, MICE, attractions, and residential housing estate. This area clearly explains how sustainable environment could be implemented. From cultivation, farming, fishing, etc, travelers could experience life in nature.Kuntum1kuntum2
    Jl. Raya Tajur No. 291, Bogor – Jawa Barat, Indonesia

    Phone : 0251 8244725
    Email :
    Website : 

  • Elders

    The abattoir is equipped with modern food processing equipment and pursues “Good Manufacturing Practices”.  HACCP and ISO 9000 certification was awarded by SAI Global in 2008 making this the only abattoir in Indonesia with such standards. Elders unfortunately doesn’t give salary the internee. The internship program runs for three weeks – one monthActivities:
    – Receiving and holding of livestock
    – Slaughter and carcass dressing of animals
    – Chilling of carcass product
    – Carcass boning and packaging
    – Freezing of finished carcass and cartooned product
    – Rendering processes
    – Drying of skins
    – Treatment of wastewater
    – Transport of processed material.

    Homestay is available for student in international dormitory. From there, it takes only 10 minutes to reach Elders by walking. And also, there are few food courts near dormitory where internee can have good food.

  • BReAD Unit (Baking Research And Development Unit) 

    – Request Letter, format isup to the internee. The content is how long that the internee want to do the internship program, make it clear (ex: 21 March-20 April 2015)
    – Send it to Mr. Tjahya (Manager of Bread Unit) one week before the date of internship.
    – Only for 2 people
    – Unpaid Internship.
    – Internee must follow the Standard Operation Procedure like an employee
    – Time work: Monday to Friday, 6 am-5 pm (Decided by the internee – 2 hours break time)
    – 00-08.30 [Compulsory Production] – 00-11.30 [Optional Production] – The rest of the time to do other works like washing the dishes, etc.
    – Bread Production TrainingForeigner / Foreign Student (per day)
    – Rp.150.000,- per 3 product (2-5 people)
    – Rp.250.000,- per 3 product (1 person)

    *Come to Bread Unit to make training agreement
    *Training from 08.30 am to 2 pm

    Notes: Wear polite clothes, keep clean, no cellphone while working.The Good Combination is get short training 2-4 days, and then internship program for certain time.

    Jl. Lingkar Akademik
    Kampus IPB Darmaga Bogor 16680



Elders Abattoir
You can get there by motorcycle taxi, by bike, or on foot

Agribusiness Development Station (ADS)
It will be a little tiring if you get there on foot because it is located outside of ipb. The best way to get there is by motorcycle taxi.

Kuntum Nurseries
From IPB Darmaga you shoud take (public transportation) to laladon terminal. Then take angkot 03 and get off in front of Hero. After that you should take angkot 01 again and get down in front of KuntumNursuries.


  • Angkutan Kota (Angkot): Minivan with blue color which has a writing “Kampus Dalam” and ask the driver to take you to ICBB, Rp 3.000,00 from Babakan Raya to ICBB
  • Ojek Motor: Motorcycle, Rp 10.000,00-15.000,00 from TPB Boys Dorm to ICBB
  • By foot: Good luck


  • 10 minutes walking from International Students Hostel and Amarilis
  • Ojek from BNI (IPB’s main gate), Rp 4.000,00


  • Angkot Kampus Dalam ->Bubulak->Ojek to Cifor

Rumah Tempe

  • Ojek from BNI or DramagaCantik’s main gate
  • Angkot: KampusDalam->Angkot #32 (Stop at the first traffic light)->any angkot will take you to Rumah Tempe (Tell the driver to stop at the destination)



(Homestay for FPIK/Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty, ICRAF, Rumah Tempe Indonesia, Elders, Animal Hospital, Bread Unit, Agribusiness Development Station,)

Rumah Kelompok Tani Cikarawang
Jl. Carang Pulang Bubulak
RT OP RW 03, Cikarawang Village
Kec. Dramaga, Kab. Bogor, West Java

Rp 1.500.000,00 per-3 weeks

Including :

  • Breakfast and supper
  • Full wifi access
  • Farming activities with local farmers

International Dormitory
Jalan Tanjung Kampus IPB Dramaga
Bogor 16680
Phone: 0251 8623513

  • Confirm for reservation: a month before
  • 2 floors, every room: 3 x 4,5 meters2

Rooms: Monthly Special

  1. Standard Room
    Single bed, fan, indoor bathroom, laundry
    IDR 1.250.000 + deposit
  1. Deluxe Room
    Single bed, AC, indoor bathroom, laundry
    IDR 1.550.000 + deposit

Daily Special à + fee if wanted a service laundry

  1. Standard Room
    Single bed, fan, indoor bathroom
    IDR 165.000
  1. Deluxe Room
    Single bed, AC, indoor bathroom
    IDR 215.000
  • Jamal 11pm: tell the receptionist first if the internee coming home late
  • Facilities: furniture, refrigerator-water dispenser-TV on common room, cafetaria, dining room, lobby room, indoor garden, gazebo, parking lot, wifi access
  • Check out deadline on 12 pm

Wisma Tamu Landhuis
Jalan Tanjung 4 Kampus IPB Dramaga
0251 8425590

  • Confirm for reservation: a month before
  • Rooms:Room 1, 2, and 5
    Single bed for 3 persons, AC, TV, water heater, fan
    IDR 350.000

    Room 3 and 4
    Double bed for 2 persons, AC, TV, water heater, fan
    IDR 300.000

    Room 6 dan 7
    Single bed for 1 person
    IDR 275.000

Extra Price for Extra Facilities

  • Bed : IDR 50.000
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Breakfast for 1 person        : IDR 20.000

*there’s no monthly price, daily price only

  • Facilities: dining room (+fee), TV common room (+fee), lobby (+fee), gazebo (+fee), garden (+fee)
  • Jamal 11pm: tell the receptionist first if the internee coming home late

Wisma Amarilis
Jalan Rasamala Kampus IPB Dramaga
Bogor 16680
Phone : 0251 8627076

  • Confirm for reservation: a month before
  • Rooms:Standard
    – 2 beds @ IDR 175.000
    – 3 beds @ IDR 200.000

    – 2 beds @ IDR 200.000
    – 3 beds @ IDR 250.000

    – 2 beds @ IDR 250.000
    – 3 beds @ IDR 300.000

  • Check in time : 2pm
  • Check out time       : 12pm
  • Facilites: 2 floors, musholla, free wifi-TV in common room, lobby, gazebo, Pojok Wirausaha BNI (free internet and digital library), parking lot, cafetaria, fotocopy, etc

(Homestay/ Hotel for Kuntum Nurseries )

Marga Jaya Hotel/Wisma
Jalan Ashari Jaya II No.15 Tajur Bogor
Phone : 0251-8245096 / 8241397

  • Rooms: Standard, Standard TV, Mawar, Lotus, Anggrek, Family, Tulip, Element
  • IDR 140.000-400.000(weekday)
  • IDR 145.000-450.000(weekend)
  • Extrabed IDR 75.000/pcs
  • Facilities:TV,AC, waterheater, parking lot, restaurant, laundry

(Homestay for Rumah Tempe Indonesia-Optional)

Perwira 4
Jl. Perwira no. 4 Dramaga

Price: IDR 700.000 per month
Facility: Bed, AC, Toilet outside the room.

Partner of Hosting Place


Indonesian Center of Biodiversity and Biotechnology

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