Human Resource Department (HRD) is a department which aims to build, improve and develop human resource capacity in IAAS through various activities that will be organized to enhance the sense of belonging and awareness of IAAS members. The activities are expected to increase the sense of association, which in turn can increase member’s productivity and effectiveness to achieve IAAS work programs and missions.

Activities of HRD Department are :

1. Tablet

TABLET is an event where IAAS member can get knowledge from IAAS alumni as a speaker about an interactive theme in building a teamwork and good leadership. This event consist of seminar or workshop that invited speaker from IAAS alumni. Followed with a small Group Discsussion about teamwork and leadership and closed with fun Outbounds on IPB areas. TABLET aims for improving all participants or IAAS active member softskill especially in teamwork and leadership.

2. Sportive IAAS

Sportive IAAS is a fun sport competition that held by HRD for all IAAS members.                                                                 Sportive IAAS aims to tighten the relationship between all of IAAS members.

3. Fieldtrip on Training

Fieldtrip is a Collaboration event between STD and HRD. In this event, all participants will learn about agriculture extensively and dig their knowledge about agriculture.

4. IAAS Hunts For New Members

IAAS Hunts For New Members is an event to find and recruit the new students of IPB or Students in IPB to become the new IAAS members. This Program consist of Open Recruitment, IAAS Orientation Program , and Building On Success.

5. BOS

BOS or Building on Success is a program where all new member of IAAS LC IPB will get a training to develop themselves to be a well shaped IAAS members. There’s also a brief explanation about Department in IAAS and Focus Group Discussion, so that all the new members will know which department they’ll choose later on.