I-CLASS, CV and Public Speaking Training to Improve Self-Development

On March 5th 2016, Science and Technology Department (STD) has successfully held I-Class “CV and Public Speaking Training”. This event was held at GKA Faperta with the theme “Unleash Your Potential to Speak the Real You”. This event was received with good appreciation and enthusiasm from the participants. We got more than 100 registrants, from both online and offline registration. I-Class started at 09.00 and finished at 12.15. The event began with an opening speech by Theresia Dwi Wahyuni as Project Officer and Ayida Martas Sulfa as Local Committee Director (LCD). Our speaker, Andro Situmorang and Ayenda Kukuh Pangesti, gave us broad knowledge about how to make a proper CV and how to be a good public speaker.

Participants got a CV template to be filled by guidance from Andro Situmorang, participants were also allowed to bring their CV as their references. Some participants have sent their CV to our e-mail to be chosen as the best CV. This session revealed the top 10 myths of CV writing and some points that good CV should have.

From the public speaking session, we got plenty of excellent material. Ayenda Kukuh Pangesti took “Winning with Words and Deliver Your Idea” as the sub-theme, participants learned about dos and don’ts in public speaking. She told us how important to strengthen visual impression and to keep audience’s enthusiasm. In the middle of the event, one of representative of International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA) gave a short explaination about their up coming event, in order to promote it. Fanani G. (IOP 22) also gave his performance by singing a song.

Finally, I-Class was closed with an announcement of the best CV and gratitude to the speakers. We hope I-Class will continue to sharpen students’ softskills.

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