I-Expro, Exchange Socialization: “Break through the Boundaries with Enourmous Knowledge”

Saturday, 21st May 2016, Exchange Program Department of IAAS LC IPB has successfully held an event called i-Expro with theme “Breakthrough the Boundaries with Enormous Knowledge”. This event was held at RK B1 ESL. I-Expro started at 9.30 am and finished at 12.30 pm.

I-Expro is an event where you can get more information about IAAS international and national exchange program. We invited 4 speakers, the first was Ardissa Ardianti as Vice Director of Exchange Program IAAS Indonesia from Brawijaya University. She presentated about the procedure of joining IAAS exchange program. The next was Andrie Priandirie (IOP 19) as IAAS national exchange program participant. He shared his experience while attending IAAS national exchange program (Expronas) to Balai Inseminasi Buatan (Padjajaran University) in 2013.

The last session was a talkshow with Mr. Azwar Hadi Nasution as Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology (ICBB) representative and Mr. Ahmad Bastari as Gapoktan PT Mandiri Jaya Chairman. This talkshow explained about what would we do when we are doing an internship at their place. We hope there will be some IPB student who participate in IAAS exchange program.

There are some things that need to be fixed. In the rundown this event supposed to started at 9 am but in fact this event started at 9.30 am. We believe this program would be a lesson for the team. For further i-Expro event, this things can be improved. Fullest gratitude for the team since this event would not happen if there were no support from the whole of the team.

See you in the next i-Expro!



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