IAAS Conversation Club Goes to UNESCO and Australian Embassy

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, Exchange Program Department and External Departement of IAAS LC IPB has successfully held an event called IGTE or IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External  with theme “Improving Water Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture”.  IGTE facilitated 60 participants to enhance students’ networking and knowledge regarding the discussion on certain topics related to the institutions. And this year,  IGTE visited Australian Embassy in Indonesia and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). IGTE  started at 06.00 am.
This activity aims to provide knowledge on matters relating to the management of water resources for the achievement of sustainable agriculture as well as give opportunity to all participants to visit international organizations. There were 4 speakers who gave short presentation in Australian Embassy. The first was from Mr. Dean Merrilees as the Minister Counsellor of Agriculture, then continued to the second session about AIP-Rural with Ms. Naomi Cook. The last session was Ms. Nura who presented Water Hibah.
The second place was UNESCO Secretariat in Jakarta. We arrived at UNESCO at 2.30 pm. Our visit opened by the Director of UNESCO Secretariat Jakarta who gave a welcoming speech to IGTE participants. The first session in UNESCO was started with the introduction of UNESCO to the IGTE participant. The second speaker was Mr. Tangwho who talked about UNESCO Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021. Then continued by Ms. Joanna whopresented about Man and the Biosphere Programme. The fourth speaker was Ms. Ai who discussed about International Hydrological Programme in the Asia Pacific Region. The last presentation was about The Earth Science and Geo-hazards Risk Reduction Natural Sciences Sector of UNESCO presented by Ms. Fitri. We were also having Forum Grup Discussion there. IGTE was finished at 10.30 pm.
There are some things that need to be fixed. In the rundown this event supposed to be finished at 08.00 pm but in fact this event finished at 10.30 am. We believe this program would be a lesson for the team. For further IGTE event, this things can be improved. Fullest gratitude for the committee since this event would not happen if there were no support from the whole of the committee.

See you in the next IAAS Conversation Club Goes To External!


In UNESCO Jakarta, with Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific.


IPB students in the Australian Embassy with Mr. Dean Merrilees, Ms. Nura, Ms. Widya, and Ms. Naomi Cook (Left to Right).

For UNESCO’s press release on this event, click: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/jakarta/about-this-office/single-view/news/agriculture_students_visit_unesco_jakarta/


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