IAAS Back to Nature 2017 : Sweeten Up Your Muffin With Sweet Potato

Project Department recently held its annual event called IAAS Back To Nature 2017. This event was held on Sunday, 26th of March 2017 in Cikarawang Village. In this year, the theme of IAAS Back To Nature is “Sweeten Up Your Muffin With Sweet Potato”.

The activities of IBTN 2017 are designed for the participants to be actively involved in adding more value to agricultural product: sweet potato. There were 13 committees and 37 participants from IAAS members. This event could not be held without help from Gapoktan (Gabungan Kelompok Tani) Mandiri Jaya dan KWT (Kelompok Wanita Tani) Melati.

This event began at 08.30 until 15.30. The event started by speech from Mohammad Yusril as Project Officer, speech from Siti Hediningsih as Local Committee Director of IAAS LC IPB, and speech from Mr. Bastari as liaison unit from Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya and KWT Melati. Mr. Bastari as chairman of Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya welcomed us by presented video and explained about the process of making sweet potato flour.

After that, the participants were divided into four group, then mobilized to sweet potato field and sweet potato processing facility. In the field, the participants were trained  how to plant sweet potato well. In the facility, the participants were taught how to process sweet potato from the freshly harvested potato into sweet potato flour.

After the sweet potato flour produced, it was processed into muffin by KWT Melati. The women from KWT Melati demonstrated how to make muffin with sweet potato flour as base ingredient. There, the participants expressed their creativity by adding toppings to their muffin. Then, each group presented their muffin. After break, the participants were assigned to discuss what is the best marketing strategy, innovation, and branding for Cikarawang Village sweet potato muffin. Each group held the discussion for 15 minutes and presented the result of the discussion for 7 minutes. KWT Melati and Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya looked pleased when they watched the presentation from every group. The participants were vivacious to learn new things and ask questions related the process of making sweet potato muffin.

As the end of the event, we thanked Gapoktan Mandiri Jaya and KWT Melati for their kindness to let us learn more about agricultural practices. Rewards were given to the group with best presentation and to best participant.The best  participant claimed that she felt inspired to built up her village in agricultural product after joining IBTN 2017.

We would like to say thank you to all participants, and we hope IBTN 2017 could inspire participants to become an agricultural entrepreneur.




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