Local Committee Conference 2016- Revolution in Successful Evolution

On Satuday, December 3rd 2016, an event called Local Committee Conference (LCC) IAAS LC IPB 2016 conducted by IOP 24 was sucessfully done at RK. LH GMSK FEMA IPB.
The theme of LCC 2016 is “LOTUS” which means beauty and perfection in the hopes that the leader of IAAS has and will bring good impacts for the next one year. This conference is aimed to choose new Excecutive Committee and Control Council of Local Committee.
LCC 2016 was opened by speeches from Zafran Akhmadery Arif as Project Officer and Ayida Martas Sulfa as Local Commitee Director IAAS LC IPB 2015-2016.
Firstly, the conference was led by the temporary presidiums. They were Ghazi Ashfahani as 1st Presidium, Dellania Tri Husnisa as 2nd Presidium, and Fachreza Hadi as 3rd Presidium. They announced the regulations and rules during conference to all participants. Next, the temporary presidiums were replaced by permanent presidiums. They were M. Fadhil Rifqi A. R. as 1st Presidium, Roza Destriananda as 2nd Presidium, and Muhammad Ikhsan as 3rd Presidium.
Then, the Excecutive Committee (EC) presented their accountability report which consisted of their activities, funding, and also evaluation. After that, Control Council Of Local Committe (CCLC) conveyed evaluation, appreciation, and advice for the previous EC. They also presented awards for Best Staff of the Year which went to Widia Cahyani from Science and Technology Department, Kevin Reynaldi from External Departement, Revita Elfrina Putri from Exchange Program Department, Ghazi Ashfahani from Project Department, and Della Tri Husnisa from Human Resource Department. In addition, they also gave appreciation for Human Resource Department (HRD) as Best Department of the Year.
This conference was continued by presentations of 6 candidates of EC. They were Rahmat Hidayat, Siti Hediningsih, Ajeng Prameswari, Wahyu Inayah, Respati Widrantara, and Dwi Indah Apriyani. After a long process of discussion, the forum decided Siti Hediningsih as Local Committee Director (LCD), Wahyu Inayah as Deputy Local Committee Director (DLD), and Ajeng Prameswari as Executive Secretary (Exsec). Moreover, The forum agreed to choose Wiysha Citra Riana, Karimah Khairunnisa, Anugrah Nurman Ibrahim, and Respati Widrantara as CCLC 2016-2017.
As the closing of this event, we heard the first speeches of LCD 2016-2017 and Coordinator of CCLC 2016-2017.

We would like to say congratulations to our new beloved leaders who will lead IAAS as the best students’ organization in IPB and make “Revolution in Sucessful Evolution”.



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