Newbie November!

Hello Good people!

NovemberĀ has been a particularly exciting month for new members of IAAS, IOP 24. In November two very special events was held in order to welcome them into our family. Said events are:

IAAS Orientation ProgramĀ 

On the 5th and 6th or November, we headed to Villa Rumah Gunung in Puncak for the IAAS Hunts For New Members peak event which is IAAS Orientation Program. Candidate members presented the results of their socialization of each topics concerning agriculture to the general public of Bogor Agricultural University. Speakers was also present to widen our minds about leadership and agriculture. The second day was dedicated to outbond acivities with the goal of increasing teamwork and bonding. With the closing of IOP, our newest batch of members are warmly welcomed to our IAAS LC IPB family.



Building on Success

Building on Success is a continuation of IOP. In this event that was held on the 12th of November 2016, our newest members are informed about the departments of IAAS LC IPB, what we do, and how they should participate in it. We also present them the seeds for success in IAAS in the form of knowledge, about leadership, about teamwork, and once again, about IAAS and how it all works together. Overall, it was a fun event for all batches, as it was also a time for bonding between members. Our newly accepted wonderful members are now ready to face challenges they may face ahead and we wish them luck.

Once again, for IOP 24, we welcome you to the family!


Discussion with each IAAS Departments


Dr. Arif Satria, founder of IAAS Indonesia and Dean of Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University



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