Personal Branding and Going Abroad Youth Voices 2016, Dream Big and Make it Happen

Bogor, February 22nd 2016 – Young on Top Bogor, a community of youth with a vision to build Indonesia’s young generation to be more firm and caring, for the first time ever held the Youth Voices 2016 with the theme Dream Big and Make it Happen at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science Auditorium, Bogor Agricultural University. In this event, the main concept is a talkshow and seminar, cooperating with Katalis Corps to invite hundreds of youth to participate in learning how to build Personal Branding in order to achieve the dream of Going Abroad.

Youth Voices 2016 was held for an exclusive one day, on Sunday, February 21st 2016. The event was divided into two sessions and presented 8 speakers, among them, Chyntia Andriani (Founder of WeAreSiblings), Muhammad H. Haekal (Abang None Jakarta 2014), Gideon Satria (Public Speaker), Leonita Julian (Author of Destiny and Consultant) in the first session and Annisa Potter (Author of Student Traveller), M. Irvan Herviansyah (President of IAAS Indonesia), Alfi Irfan (Founder of Agrisocio), Ivana Febrissa (Delegation of the 42nd  International Forestry Student’s Symposium Britis Columbia, Canada) in the second session.

In the first session, the speaker explained easy ways to build personal branding by first explaining what personal branding really is. Personal branding is a marketing strategy focused on your most important product: you. Developing a personal brand requires figuring out who you really are (your skills, values, passions, and personality), who you want to serve (your target market or audience), and how you different from the competition (your unique niche).

Gideon Satria as a public speaker enthusiastically explained, “Know yourself, start with uniqueness, passion, and weaknesses that we have! After getting to know yourself, set up your goals! Well of course it’s a must to set the goals that we need to achieve. This is meant to help us set a clear vision, each journey, whatever the journey is, there must be goals right? That is why it is important to identify early on so that the process we go through be directed well. After doing the two main points above what we must do is innovation, consistency, and relevancy. Everything that dreams of development from time to time of course needs innovation consistent and relevant with the condition and reality present, and with that everything will run well, according to what is expected.”

sesi 1 yot

Speakers of Session 1 with the subtheme How to be Ambassador

In the second session, the speakers explained about going abroad, nowadays, going abroad is not something odd to do, it is now a must. This is because going abroad will provide experience, where one’s activities are not just campus routines that sometimes can bore one too but give priceless moments.

An inspiring tip given by Anisa Potter, a writer whom successfully travelled 21 countries in 5 years, “While you are young, never be afraid to travel far! Starting now, find opportunities, find information, learn the programs and pray.”

sesi 2 yot

Session 2 speakers with the sub-theme How to Go Abroad

 Discussiong Personal Branding and Going Abroad, this year Young on Top Bogor works to change the paradigm students assume that Personal Branding is not important to build one’s carrier well, especially in the global world.

Edward Colind as President of Young on Top Bogor relates, “May Youth Voices 2016 give everyone the inspiration even more, especially for personal branding and going abroad, we also trying to create the next Youth Voices. Before you plan, you must have big dreams, then you have to go the extra miles and make it happen. Keep learning and sharing, see you on top!”

Youth Voices Committee 2016


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