IAAS LC IPB had just hold an event named IAAS Academy: Chapter 1 of the 1st Batch on Sunday, 15th of April. IAAS Academy is a development program for all IAAS LC IPB members to improve self capacities and organizational competency that is facilitated by IAAS Alumni. This program consists of 2 batches. The first batch focuses on organizational skills and is going to be held this semester in 2 chapters. The second batch will be focusing on professional skills to prepare all the member facing the life after graduation and will be held next semester. This time IAAS Academy’s theme was “How to make a good proposal/event” and was held in RK B1 FEMA, IPB Dramaga.
The agenda was presentation from three IAAS LC IPB alumnis; Dias Erfan, about “Proposal Ideation and Budgeting”, Devi Novi Astuti about “Proposal Design” and from Dodi Wijaya about “People Management”. The audience paid full attention and were active in questions and answer session. The event was closed by our MC and finished by taking photos with the audience and the speakers.

Hopefully, this event will improve performances of IAAS LC IPB in the future, and we hope in the next IAAS Academy, the number of participants will be increasing. So we’re looking forward to see you soon in the next IAAS Academy.

If you want to know the content of the previous IAAS Academy, you can click the link below:

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