IAAS Conversation Club Goes to External 2017

The annual event of External and Exchange Program Department, IGTE (ICC Goes to External) was successfully held on Tuesday, August 22nd 2017 at US Embassy Jakarta. This IGTE disscused about “Improving Food Production to Prevent Child Malnutrition” and involved 65 participants from IAAS and Non-IAAS members.

IGTE was started at 10 am and opened by the speech from our Project Officer, Muhamad Adilah, and our Local Committee Director, Siti Hediningsih. After that, the main speaker, Mr. Chris Rittgers as Agricultural Counselor and Mrs. Marta Bowen as MCC, told us about Agriculture Productivity Trade “Safety Nets”. After the session, we knew more about the condition of Indonesian child’s nutrition, the most common malnutrition problem which is stunting and its solution, food security, etc.

The event continued in Monas “Monumen Nasional”. We began our activities in Monas by having lunch. We also did a fun game named “Cure the Malnourished Children”. This game aims to make all participant more understand about the theme and be brave to speak up their thought. In this game, the participant divided in seven groups. Each group had to find the clue papers which contain a topic related to IGTE’s theme and discussed in their group. After discussing, the members came to the judges to told about their thought and got some food to cure the “malnourished children”.

The last agenda in Monas was reached at the top of Monas. All participant could see the scenery of Jakarta City.





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