On 20th until 24th January, IAAS LC IPB participated in the National Congress XXIII IAAS Indonesia which is held in IAAS LC Lambung Mangkurat University, Banjarbaru by sending 14 delegates.On Day 1, all delegates attended the International Seminar held in Lambung Mangkurat University with the theme “WETLANDS 3S ACTIONS: Save Food, Save Water, and Save Biodiversity with Culture of South Kalimantan”. After that, the event followed by the presentation about Village Concept Project of each Local Committee and closed with the selection and election of Presidium. On the next day began with the selection and election of Election Committee and then continued with the reading of PDPRT amendment. Then, the agenda proceed with the Accountability Report of NatCon XXIII and World Congress Accountability Report by the delegates. The event continued with the presentation about the progress of each Local Committee in 2017-2018 represented by Local Committee Director (LCD). The activities continued with the Accountability Report of the National Committee (NC). The third day started with the NC performance reviewed by Control Council National Committee (CCNC) for the last one year. The agenda continued with the presentation of NC candidates. The results of the elected National Committee 2018-2019 are Siti Hediningsih as National Director, Rahmat Hidayat as Vice Director of Partnership, Amira Razan as Vice Director of Exchange, Raymundus Jati as Vice Director of communication, Salma as Vice Director of Finance and Ashif as Vice Director of Project and Sciences. The fourth day activities started by the election of the Control Council National Committee (CCNC). The result is Afu Vianti Driantika, Defalki (UB) and Miladuz Zakiyah (UNS) became Control Council National Committee 2018-2019. After that, the agenda continued with a workshop to understand how our brain works shows our personality, conducted by Mr. Alkaf and Dr. Suffiyan from My Prodigy, followed by a sasirangan workshop by local sasirangan community. Then, the agenda continued Building on Success 2. Next was a discussion about the local committee that will be the host of National Strategic Meeting 2018, Asia Pacific Director Meeting 2019, and National Congress 2020. The result is National Strategic Meeting 2018 will be host by Gajah Mada University, Asia Pacific Director Meeting 2019 will be host by Mataram University and National Congress 2020 will be host by Padjajaran University.
In the evening, there were awarding and farewell. IAAS LC IPB got an appreciation as The Most Outstanding Public Relation Department of IAAS Indonesia 2017-2018 and Revita Elfrina Putri as the Most Outstanding Local Exchange Coordinator in Exchange Program (LexCo) of IAAS Indonesia 2017-2018. IAAS LC IPB also got the third place of video competition about save food, save water, save energy in this congress. The last day of National Congress in Banjarmasin filled with Excursion in floating market, Pulau Kembang, and Martapura souvenirs center.  The agenda closed by visiting VCP of IAAS LC ULM in Al-Ikhwan village. That was the end of National Congress XXIII in IAAS LC ULM and all delegates got many experiences and relations from the event.
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