The Project department concerns in social activities. It gathers and distributes IAAS member’s ideas in social life sector.

There are some working plans this year which are focused on education and environmental awareness. The programs that will be conducted are :

Village Concept Project (VCP)

IAAS LC IPB has two VCPs, there are VCP at Cikarawang and VCP at school. VCP at Cikarawang focuses on helping farmer and rural community to develop their enterprises. Project Department enhances sweet potato farming by expanding its marketing value. Some of sweet potato value addition methods are: making sweet potato flour and making sweet potato muffin.

VCP at school, “Agriranger”, focuses on informal education for elementary student. Project Department will soon start the project in SDN 2 Carangpulang. The project will be objected to carry out a fun learning method to students grade three until five. The activities are include: educational gaming that collaborates with Ecofunopoly, green environment challenges, books sharing and handicraft making.

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