Science Technology Department

STD (Science and Technology Development)
is a department within the management structure of IAAS LC IPB. In general, this department reviewing studies on the latest technological developments in the field of agriculture. In addition, this department also discusses the latest science that developed in the field of agriculture. Here, you will find a lot of things that you did not previously know. For example, you would accidentally unthinkable to create an event that is weighted and helpful but with little funds.

The purpose of this department:
• Knowing the latest developments world agricultural science
• Knowing the latest technological developments in the field of agricultural
• Recommend science and technology that is suitable to be developed

To support and reach all of that, STD conducted several activities that are specifically related to the world of agriculture following the development of science and technology contained therein. Existing activities in this department designed to create the participants of the activities carried out can be more loved the farm and know the latest developments from the world of agriculture.

Some events are often held by STD :

  1. IAAS On Training
    IAAS On Training is an event held by the STD for the IAASers by providing training in managing or using something. Examples of training in making meatballs, milk, cheese and training in the use of tractors.
  1. IAAS On Action
    IAAS On Action is one of the events of the Olympic IAAS. IOA event is usually do something useful with the society in Cikarawang village. The activity usually like doing the race on verticulture for women, make little-garden for children etc.
  1. IAAS Olympic
    IAAS Olympic is a biggest work programs of STD. That event not only handled by STD department itself but also aided by all departments in IAAS. IAAS biggest event consisting of a series of events such as IOA (IAAS On Action, quiz on agriculture for students TPB IPB, round table discussions, the International Seminar etc.
  1. I CLASS
    I CLASS is one of STD program. Tihs event held every year with different theme. For this year, the theme is “top up your skills, catch your dreams”. In that event, we learn some new knowledge. We learn to make a good CV and also a good essay.