Science on Saturday Night : A bit caffeine, a lot benefits

Coffee is an important part of Human Civilization. Coffee drinking is an important aspect of many cultures and traditions. It is one of the most important agricultural exports for many countries and is considered the second most traded commodities in the world, after petroleum. Coffee has played an essential role in world societies because of its exotic flavor and energizing effect, that we know energizing effect because of caffeine. The first coffee bean was discovered in the northeast region of Ethiopia, and the cultivation of coffee first expanded into the Arabic’s world.


Coffee contains caffeine, which caffeine is alkaloid substance that stimulate our nervous system to hamper the adenosine receptor so we feel very energetic and cheerful. One of the benefits of caffeine is helping improve the memory. Studies in Japan have shown that intake of 200 grams of caffeine is significantly capable of improving memory. Caffeine as a post-exercise diet also helps in restoring muscle pain after exercise. In a medical procedure called caffeine enema, caffeinated fluids such as coffee are used to cleanse the colon from toxic substances. In addition, caffeine helps in detoxifying the liver effectively. Caffeine also helps to prevent non-alcoholic liver disease. Caffeine in certain doses can also help in preventing serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Those who consume caffeine are also a small risk to commit suicide. Research has shown that caffeine can also prevent skin cancer. This benefit will have its effect if the caffeine consumed in recommended dosages.



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