(Team Building and Leadership Training) TABLET 2016

Hello folks!

Team Building and Leadership Training (TABLET) was successfully held on Saturday, March 12th 2016 by Human Resources Department (HRD) of IAAS LC IPB. This event’s theme was Communication to Revolutionize the Character of Leadership (CURCOL). As much as 70 participants came to this event.
TABLET had two main parts. Part one was seminar, and the second was outbound. TABLET’s seminar was placed at RK B1C1, Auditorium Toyib Hadiwijaya, and the outbound was placed at IPB’s Gladiator. Our Seminar started at 08.30 a.m and finished at 12.00 a.m. The seminar began with an opening speech delivered by TABLET’s Project Officer, Dellania Tri Husnisa and IAAS LC IPB Local Committee Director, Ayida Martas Sulfa. We had two stunning speakers, Faradila D Putri from IOP 16 and Aldith Natakusuma from IOP 17. We also had a Focus Group Discussion, moderated by M. Faikar Marzuq from IOP 20.
In the seminar, Faradila D. Putri from IOP 16 told us about Organization Communication and Aldith Natakusuma from IOP 17 told us about Mass Communication. We then continued with the FGD ( Focus Group Discussion) about Communication. We were divided into six groups and we discussed about projects which we needed to present in front of the moderators. When the discussion began, members of the groups were switched with the purpose of growing their ability to adapt with other groups and new places. After the Focus Group Discussion and seminar, we presented awards for our speakers and moderators. Then lunch took place as break time before outbond activities.
The outbound started at 13.30 and ended at 16.00. We had 4 games in outbound session to strengthen the bond among all participants. At the end of the event, we took pictures to reminisce the event in the future. Finally, TABLET was closed with an announcement of the outbond session winner. We hope TABLET will continue to sharpen IAAS’s members softskills and tighten our bond, here in IAAS LC IPB. See you in the next TABLET!


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