The 59th IAAS World Congress 2016 Broadcasted on MetroTV

On July 8th 2016, IAAS LC IPB appeared on one of MetroTV’s afternoon show, Metro Plus Siang, to promote The 59th IAAS World Congress and IAAS itself. The Deputy Local Director of IAAS LC IPB, Wishya C. Riana and Prilliani Madina was the representatives chosen to guest on the national television broadcast. The session started with the playing of the World Congress’ trailer and continued to an interview with our representatives. Wishya explained how IAAS is the biggest students’ agricultural organization that has more than 40 countries as its member. She also explained when IAAS was first established here in Indonesia. IAAS exist in order to facilitate the ideas of students in finding a solution in the agriculture field. She then explained about one of our projects, the Village Concept Project, and how it helps local farmers to solve their problems.

Finishing the overview of IAAS as a whole, the show continued with its spotlight on the 59th IAAS World Congress. It was Prilli’s turn to describe the theme of this year’s IAAS world congress, “Plant Your Future”. She explained that this theme shows our focus: how to prepare the agricultural sector to last until far in the future. Quoting her words, “We have to prepare the agricultural sector from now, so that we can make this sector advantageous in the future.” Then, they went on to discuss IYSCA (International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture), one of the most important event in the IAAS World Congress. Wiysha explained the purpose of this event, which is to sought and develop brilliant young minds not just from IAAS, but also from everywhere, to present their solution and ideas on solving the agricultural issues. Prilli also voiced out our intentions in holding this event, which is to show and make people understand that agriculture is composed of many components and not just ‘farming’ on the field.

The show went on, still spotlighting IYSCA, this time discussing about the people behind this event. In IAAS LC IPB, the committee is made up of 59 people, while in Indonesia, up to 300! A total of six speakers, each experts in their own field on the agricultural sector will be present to share their knowledge in IYSCA. Prilli then explained about other great events taking place in the world congress, besides IYSCA. There will be industrial visits, city tour, and excursions for participants of the congress to show them the culture of Indonesia, particularly the Sundanese culture, here in Bogor.

As the show started coming to an end, Wiysha talked about the challenges that lay for IAAS, “Our hope is that, back to the “Plant Your Future” theme, instead of acting ‘now’, we change the mindsets of the youth participating in our event. We want to show them that agriculture can be fun, agriculture is not just about farming on the field, but it is something that we can act on to be the building block of Indonesia.” Following her strong statement, the session for IAAS ended. We hoped this event has enabled us to reach out to young minds and opened a new window of understanding about what IAAS is.

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