The 59th IAAS World Congress

World Congress is the most important and long-awaited event of the year organised by IAAS WORLD! International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences always care about the issues happening around the globe and play its role in order to face challenges in the future. Besides improving networking skill, sharing knowledge and experiences, and getting new friends, our General Assembly will occur.


This year’s theme is “Plant Your Future“, which will take place in a very high level of biodiversity country due to its archipelagic geography. Indonesia, The Largest – and politically dominant – ethnic group are the Javanese which is concentrated in Java Island, in where our event will take place. During this journey, there will be a unique opportunity to experience Indonesia from cultural, entrepreneurial, political, and historical perspective.



  • General Assembly (GA)
    GA acts as the governing body of this association, which will mostly talk about the internal affairs of IAAS World itself. The review of members (full, candidate, frozen), executives’ reports, the plan and proposal of next World Congress, and the vote of the new executives are the matter that will be discussed during GA. The attendants will be the delegates and the organising committee itself. This will take place in approximately 4 days.
  • Industry, Farm and Cultural Visit
    The purpose of this visit is to widen the participants’ perspective and knowledge about the agricultural along with economical sector in Indonesia. Workshop will also take place so that they can blend with the locals and learn about variety of ethnics in historical as well as agricultural value. Lectures, in addition will be given to deepen knowledge, skill, and insight about the future agriculture.
  • Village Concept Project
    VCP is a project to guide and manage some villages around campus. Other national committees are looking up to conduct this project in their own homeland. The idea of VCP will hopefully help the society to have better perspective and knowledge as well as to be more alert to the social situations and environment. This also encourages the people to be more open-minded by getting involved in our programs, such as planting seed, teaching children, and delivering trending issues.
  • Excursion and City Tours
    Excursion purpose in the 59th World Congress is to promote Indonesian cultures and its diverse ethnicity. The historical value of Indonesia will be an interesting topic to the participants. The participants shall be guided to the vast and valuable sites such as the Presidental Palace, Borobudur Temple, museums, and many more. City tours will provide the participants to buy merchandises and souvenirs to take back home.
  • International Youth Symposium on Creative Agriculture (IYSCA) 2016
    IYSCA 2016 is a scientific paper competition for public in which the delegates are able to participate. The result of this symposium will be published in the international journal legally. There will also be rewards for the best presentation, essay, and poster. This event can be joined by public students nationally and internationally. (Click here for further information about IYSCA 2016)

So, are you ready to be the part of IAAS World Congress 2016? Embrace the diversity of cultural heritage, feel the wonderful Indonesia and create your unforgettable memories!