The 7th IAAS Olympic


BALIHO 4X5 MThe 7th IAAS Olympic is one of IAAS LC IPB’s biggest annual event of competition and activities related to agriculture. This year, IAAS LC IPB’s Olympic theme is “Ensuring Sustainability Movement for Indonesia’s Millennium Development Goals”. This theme was chosen in relation to the United Nation’s Millenium Development Goals in 2015 which Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Eradicating Extreme Hunger and Poverty. IAAS as an agricultural student organizations always pay attention to current issues in society and try to give a role to prepare young people who are sensitive and critical to global environmental issues. Through these activities, we expect we might help our world and especially Indonesia to achieve the MDGs and to contribute actively to the development of the country through real work.

Here are our events, click the picture for more info :






National Seminar

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