The 8th IAAS Olympic! Encouraging Local Agricultural Products

On Saturday and Sunday, October 15  & 16 2016 an event called IAAS On Training and IAAS On Action has been organized by Science and Technology Departement of IAAS LC IPB. IAAS On Training is part of The 8th IAAS Olympic. In order to achieve Sustainable  Development Goals (SDG) number twelve ‘Sustainable on Food Production and Consumption’ ,this year The 8th IAAS Olympic theme is Encouraging Local Agricultural Products in order to Ensure Sustainable Consumtion and Production pattern : Caisim Cultivation at Cinangneng Village”.

The first event was held on the 15th October  2016. IAAS On Training was held at RK B1C1, Faculty of Agriculture. The event was opened by speech from Puja Rifqi Novtiar as Project Officer then Linda E. H. As representative from Executive Committee IAAS LC IPB,. Last but not least, speech from Mr. Azwar from Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology (ICBB). The training started by  presentation and explaination  from Mr. Azwar as speaker.  He told us about Indonesia’s agriculture condition these days and how to sow the seed. He gave us plenty of facts about agriculture and opened our eyes and mind wider than before. In the end of presentation, there was Q&A section. Suprisingly,there were a lot of audience who pay attention and eager to ask. After that, Varissa from IOP 23 gave her performance by singing “My Heart Will Go On ” from Celine Dion.


IAAS On Training Participants


IOT Participants practicing the sowing of seeds

We continued our activity to training activity on how to sow the seed. All of audiences moved to Auditorium Toyib’s yard to practice. Audiences divided into 8 groups, each groups gathered in circle and already got soil and polybags on it. First, we need to put soil on polybag around half polybag. Second, make a hole (not too deep) by your finger. Then, put the seed into the hole and cover it again with soil. After all we finished, we washed our hand and went straight back to RK B1C1 to close the event.

 The next day, Sunday 16th October 2016, IAAS  on Action was held in Cinangneng Village, Tenjolaya, Bogor. All the volunteer and IAAS members gathered in front of Student Center Building at 6 AM. We went to Cinangneng village together by public transportation. As we arrived in Cinangneng Village Office, we started our activity by pray and speech from Widia Cahyani as Project Officer then speech from Ayida Martas Sulfa as Local Committee Director, also speech from Mr. Nanda as Secretary of Cinangneng Village.


IAAS On Action


IAAS On Action – Cultivation


IOA – In front of a village house

 All  participants divided into 4 big groups as they went to 4 different location of cultivation. Some of the participant got the chance to sow the seed and also cultivate. All the seed we cultivate are provided by Indonesian Center for Biodiversity and Biotechnology (ICBB)  as our partner in this event. While cultivating, we also got the chance to talk with the farmers. They shared their experience and story about being a farmer especially in Cinangneng village.

 After finished cultivating caisim seed, we went back to Cinangneng Village Office and gathered in Village Office’s Hall. There were sharing session and Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with ICBB and farmers. In the sharing session, there were a lot of question that asked by the participants such as, are the farmers have a plan to grow their business and how they do traditional cultivation, etc. Continue to Forum Group Discussion (FGD) , the partcipants divided into 4 groups and make a circle to discuss 4 questions. The questions are, how is agriculture condition in Cinangneng Village, how is the pest and the solution, where and how the marketing, and the last is how the institutional of Cinangneng Village. All the groups presenting their result. Each groups came with differents answers although there were some same answers. All the answers are good and could be feedback for Cinangneng.

 At the end of event, Mr. Azwar from ICBB and Mr. Nanda from Cinangneng Village gave their closing speech, hoping that Cinangneng would be better after this program. After the event closed, all the participants had their lunch together and took a photo before heading back to campus.

 All in all, The 8th IAAS Olympic was an interesting event but there were things that had to be evaluated and noted such as preparation, publication, and communication between the committee. Our hope from this activity was all  participants more aware in agriculture and could apply SDG’s point number twelve ‘Sustainable on Food Production and Consumption’. Hope the next IAAS Olympic would be even better, see you in the next IAAS Olympic!

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