What Happens with The Oceans?

The ocean is a vast landscape with 5 oceans fused together and encircling the surface of the land. However, behind it all the oceans have a lot of natural resources both biological and non-biological that can be utilized by humans. So now the ocean becomes one of the land to meet human needs on this earth. Various kinds of seafood continue to be utilized and managed by humans, such as fish, pearls, seaweed, salt, and so on.

As time passes, the oceans become a source of life and livelihood for coastal communities living not far from the coast. Large companies began to work with fishermen and coastal communities to take advantage of larger marine products. But the increasing need of human resources to the sea makes people forget to keep the sea to stay sustainable.

Some cases have occurred as a result of excessive use of marine resources regardless of its negative effects, such as some species of endangered fish if its use continues to be excessive, one of which is Pari Mobula. Excerpted from Kompas.com, Pari Mobula fall into the category of Appendix II, a list of species that are not threatened with extinction, but may be threatened with extinction if trade continues unabated. The risk of extinction is greater because the reproduction of Mobula sting is somewhat difficult. Sting mobula adults aged 6-8 years can only have one child per year and can only return to have children after 3 years later.

Proper management of oceans resources is needed to maximize its utilization and not damage its sustainability. The cultivation of several types of sea animals can be done to avoid free arrest continuously with large amounts. In addition it can also label the sea products are caught or cultivated in a sustainable manner so that consumers can choose seafood that is not captured in excess.



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